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Amy E. White, Owner

Amy E. White, Owner

The Points of Health

The Points of Health offers a customized program of complementary treatments designed to promote wellness, bring the body into balance, and restore vibrant health.

237 Lookout Place

Maitland, FL 32751

Business Phone: (407) 625-2629



Member Since 2014

Amy E. White

Amy has studied and embraced holistic healing modalities for over 18 years, offering an integrative and personalized approach to health and wellness. Amy’s health practice is based on a multi-pronged approach that first examines how all areas of your life are connected. From stress to back pain, fatigue to digestive health, anxiety to inflammation, symptoms of dis-ease are rooted in the interplay between mental and physical imbalances. Holistic treatment modalities have been used to address this interplay for centuries, restoring balance and promoting vibrant health.

Mind, Body, and Spirit