John Kobylinski, Owner

John Kobylinski, Owner

In Bloom Florist

Homegrown fresh flower shop that designs swoon-worthy arrangements for your everyday celebrations, weddings, corporate events, and business gifts.

325 West Gore Street

Orlando, FL 32806

Business Phone: (407) 649-7771



Serving Our Clients Since 1990

Member Since 2010

John Kobylinski

An Orlando native, John loved working on the yard with his dad and finding out about different floral and plan species. His dad, ever pragmatic, was focused on plants and trees that provided food and shade, but John was intrigued by the wide variety of all growing things. This initial hobby grew into a desire for John to educate himself, so he began working on a degree in Ornamental Horticulture. One of his early instructors encouraged all the students to obtain a job in the field related to plants and flowers. So, at the age of 20, John began a seemingly uneventful role as a delivery person for a flower shop in Orlando.

Although it wasn’t planned, within three years he was promoted to be the manager of this flower shop. It was at this time that John and his wife, Sally, met at a mutual friend’s Valentine’s Day wedding in 1983. Two years later in 1985, they were married. With his hard work and gift at building relationships. he grew the revenue of the flower shop by 500% within six years. At that point. John opened five other locations, while working as a Regional Manager for shops in Tallahassee, Melbourne, and Altamonte Springs.

Within a decade of getting that first job as a delivery person, John was approached by an angel investor who helped him to pursue his dream to open his own flower shop. In 1990, John opened his new store, Orlando Flower Mart, which is now known as In Bloom Florist.

The best flowers in Orlando. They are always friendly and helpful. The pictures on the website look good, but once they are delivered you will be amazed. Absolutely beautiful arrangements.
— Brian, Orlando, FL